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Twenty-two year old Kristov Rasovszky of Hungary swam to an easy victory in the men’s 5km open water race claiming his first gold medal in Open Water events at the FINA World Championships. Logan Fontaine of France claimed the silver medal and Eric Hedlin of Canada was touched out by the French swimmer, earning the bronze medal.

This was the first race of seven events to be contested over 6 days of competition at the Yeosu EXPO Ocean Park Open Water Swimming Competition venue. Sixty-one athletes started the race which was swum in near ideal conditions despite a slight drizzling rain. Only one swimmer did not finish.

The Hungarian swimmer handily outpaced his challengers, finishing in a time of 53:22.1 and more than ten seconds ahead of Logan Fontaine, the 20 year-old French swimmer. Rasovszky split 27:53.0 at the 2.5km mark where he was 3.6 behind the race leader, Fontaine at the midpoint of the race.

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